ICT Polytech Institute of Korea

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Mobile Communication Dep.

Department Outline

Department of mobile communication trains the leading technologists who have the ability to design, install, and operate mobile communication networks. The students learn about the advanced radio communication systems and wireless communication operation technology necessary for the future telecommunication industry.

Course Description

Understanding of the principles of smartphone and mobile devices.

Understanding the configuration of mobile communication systems and designing and operating mobile communication networks.

Installing hardware and software of mobile communication network and devices, plus the opening processing, and problem handling of systems.

Ability building on using mobile communication networks and RF measuring instruments through experiments and practice.

Major Curriculum


Introduction to wireless communication devices, introduction to antennas, mobile communication systems, wireless network construction, radio analysis and measurement, and IoT.

Practical Training

communication circuit, antenna, wireless network communication, mobile communication signal analysis, mobile communication system, wireless facilities operation, IOT, communication circuit, and a project.
※ Subjects can be changed in accordance with the training program.

Certificate Available

Wireless equipment industrial engineer, information and communication, telecommunication line, and broadcasting communication.

Areas of Employment

Telecom service providers(KT, SKT, LGU+, SK Broadband and their partners, mobile communication system services and development companies, information and communication facilities companies, and government agency-designated as testing centers(EMI, EMC)