ICT Polytech Institute of Korea

The only ICT specialized university in Korea


College Headquarters

College Headquarters
Ground Floor Fitness Center
Document Storage Room
1st floor Bureau of Planning(Academic Affairs Planning Team, Academic Affairs Team)
Work & Learning Joint Training Center, Vocational Ability Education and Training Team
2nd floor (Dean’s Office)
Bureau of Academic Affairs Support
(General Affairs Team. Accounting Team)
3rd floor Conference Room
Seminar Room
Broadcasting Room
4th floor Department of Mobile Telecommunication Equipment
Department of Optical Fiber Communication Equipment
5th floor Department of Information & Communication Equipment Department of Broadcasting & Communication

Engineering Hall 1

Engineering Hall 1
1st floor Basic Optical Communication Lab
Computer Lab
Smart Convergence Lab
Lecture Room
2nd floor Lecture Room
Design Drawing Lab
Broadcasting Communication Lab
Broadcasting Operation Lab
Basic Broadcasting Lab
3rd floor Wireless Communication Lab
Mobile Communication Lab
Lecture Room
Communication Circuits Lab
4th floor Lecture Room
PC Lab
5th floor Educational Foundation Administration Office
Lecture Room
Auditorium and Gymnasium

The 2nd Engineering Building

The 2nd Engineering Building
Ground Floor Boiler Room
Storage rooms (4 Departments)
(Staircase Storage)
1st floor Information Processing Room
Lecture Room
2nd floor Optical Communication Lab
FTTH Lab and Lecture Room
3rd floor Lecture Room
4th floor Embedded System Lab
Lecture Room
5th floor Comprehensive Broadcasting Lab
Lecture Room

Student Union

Student Union
Ground Floor Storage
1st floor Restaurant
2nd floor School Store, Restaurant
3rd floor Auditorium
4th floor Club Rooms
Student Conference Room
5th floor Library
Library Bookstack
Information Retrieval Room

Dormitory 1

Dormitory 1
1st floor Storage
2nd floor Shower Room, 19 Rooms
3rd floor Shower Room, 18 Rooms

Dormitory 2

Dormitory 2
1st floor Dormitory Office, School Nurse's Office, Shower Room
7 Rooms
2nd floor Shower Room, 10 Rooms

Industry-Academia Cooperation Building

Industry-Academia Cooperation Building
Ground Floor Parking Lot
1st floor Industry-Academia Cooperation Office, Meeting Room
Management Office, Lounge
2nd floor Lecture Room
3rd floor 6 Rooms
4th floor 6 Rooms
5th floor 6 Rooms
6th floor 6 Rooms