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Vocational Training Course

Information Communication

Admission Guidelines

This course is for training basic/middle-level technicians. Technicians can learn and acquire practical skills to install/design/build and operate/maintain information & communication-related equipments & facilities.

Application Period

Jan. 5, 2019(Mon) - Mar. 5, 2019(Thu) 12:00

Department and Admission Quota
Name of the Course Course Description Number of Students
Information Communication Equipment Course Learn how to construct basic electronic & communication circuits Learn how to build and operate an information network system and communication network Understand the information communication system and learn how to operate and maintain the network 30


Common requirements(required)
- Any unemployed Koreans at the age of 15 or older
- Those who are 3rd grade high school students but will not advance to a higher educational institution (Students who will graduate by February, 2019)
- Those who are college/university students in the final academic year but don’t go to a graduate school(Students who will graduate by February, 2019)
- Students (dropout) of a night university, Korea National Open University, or cyber college of an university (including community colleges)

Selection with special consideration for priority selection(granting additional points)occupation stabilization agency
- Those who have work experience in the industry
- Those who are/will be discharged from military service
- Those who graduated/completed the communications related department courses (from a special hight school, vocational training course, college, etc).
- Certificate holder who has a technician’s license(or higher) under the National Technical Qualifications Act
-Patriots & Veterans and their Bereaved Family Members

Non Eligible Applicants
- Those who are covered by employment Insurance or have a Certificate of Business Registration certificate(But, if the applicant reports the cessation of business before the entrance data of the college, then he/she is eligible to apply.)
- Those who have attended the vocational capacity development training for at least 3 times, or are within 3 months of the dropout date.
- Those who were given the restriction in registering for courses within the past 6 months.
- Those who are currently college (daytime) students(including students on a leave of absence)

Education Period and Method

Education Period : Mar. 9, 2019(Mon) ~ Dec. 23, 2019(Wed)

Education Method : 5 days a week, 09:00~18:00, lectures & practical training in a college lecture form which are given by the professors in each subject field. 50-minute lecture & 10- minute break, You can live in the dormitory or commute from home.

Application Form and Submission

Application Form
- Download from the college website(www.ict.ac.kr)
※ Announcement: Please refer to “2019 Government funded vocational capacity development training course student recruitment”

- E-mail Application : ict@ict.ac.kr
- Fax Application : (031) 767-0072
- Post Application : (464-731) Work & Learning Joint Training Center of ICT Polytech Institute of Korea, 16-26, Sunam-ro, Gwangju-si, Gyeonggi-do

Interview and Admission Notification
- Applicants who visit in person will do the interview directly after they submit the application and get the admission notification on the spot. So they may have a better chance to secure a position in the department than the applicants who applied online. Therefore, the applicants who applied online should not wait until the fixed interview date for all applicants, but come to the college as soon as possible, do the interview to get the admission notification, and make all the necessary preparations to attend the college until the semester begins.

Special Benefits for Freshmen

Free education and training

Free textbooks for education and training, and practical training materials

Given 200,000 won every month as training allowance

Given additional 50,000 won every month as transport expenses in case of commuting

Provides dormitory for all students who apply for the service (No boarding expenses)

Provides meals during the education period (free of charge)

When you complete the required courses, you will be exempt from the written test of a national technical qualification examination

Provides free special lessons for examinees who are preparing for an examination to be a communication equipment technician, engineer or industrial engineer. (Additional points are granted for a national technical qualification for public offices (communication public officer, etc.)

Job placement and aftercare for all students

Job placement and aftercare for all students who want to work for an information communication company in cooperation with 7,500 information communication work construction companies under the Korea Information & Communication Contractors Association, which established the college.

You can delay to join the army and the reserve forces training during the education period

Personal bed/desk/closet equipped in the dorm, Shower room/laundry room equipped

Library, study room, internet room, school nurse's office, school store, etc.

Soccer field with grass, indoor fitness facility, basketball court, sport facilities, etc.

For detailed information, please refer to “2019 Government funded vocational capacity development training course student recruitment”

Admission inquiry: (031) 760-3360,77 Work & Learning Joint Training Center, Bureau of Planning