ICT Polytech Institute of Korea

The only ICT specialized university in Korea

Special benefits for freshmen

Special Benefits for Freshmen

Affordable tuition due to government support (around one-third of that of other 2-years private colleges)

Offering a scholarship or other scholarship benefits to the students who are academically excellent(The college gives out to over 50% of the current students)

Providing the student dormitory(available for all the freshmen who apply for the service)

Job placement and aftercare

All students will obtain a National Technical Qualification certification in the information & communications field during the education period.

You can transfer to the 3rd academic year of a 4-year-course college. Also, you will be eligible to apply for the Korea Army Academy at Yeong-cheon

You can delay in joining the army and the reserve forces training during the education period

After graduation, you can join the army as a short-term technical noncom missioned officer


Students will be excluded from admission or their admission will be canceled when fraudulent documents proving certificate of school records, academic back ground & work experience in the industry were submitted.

If you don’t submit the required documents for the admission with special consideration, you will not receive additional points and will be screened by the regular admission process.

※ If you’d like to make any further inquiries, please contact the Bureau of Planning(Academic Affairs Team 031-760-3375, Phone Number 764-3301~2)

For more information, please refer to the "New Student Application Guidelines".