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Admissions Timeline

Admissions Timeline

Admissions Timeline
Application Submission of Documents Interview Announcement of Admissions Registration
Non-scheduled admission Sep. 9. 2019(Wed) ~
Oct.5, 2019.(Mon)
Oct. 6, 2019(Tue) Oct. 15, 2019(Thu) Oct. 26, 2019(Mon) Oct. 26, 2019(Mon) ~
Oct. 29, 2019 (Thu)
Scheduled admission Dec. 15, 2019(Tue) ~
Jan. 18, 2019(Mon)
Jan. 19, 2019(Tue) Jan. 21, 2019(Thu) Feb. 3, 2019(Wed) Feb. 3, 2019(Wed) ~
Feb 12, 2019(Fri)

If the interview can not be conducted, it can be substituted in a way specified by the college and there will a screening deliberation by the academic affairs committee.

You can apply to the college regardless of getting accepted or registered at a four-year-course college, a community college, or Korea Polytechnics.

If necessary, an additional recruitment can be conducted on a specified date set by the college.